Why the United States Needs More Charity and Activism in Social Issues

The United States has faced its fair share of challenges in recent years. With a contentious election, a divisive political climate, and several high-profile scandals, trust in institutions has reached an all-time low. The result is that people are increasingly isolated and distrustful of others. Social issues have also been thrust into the spotlight as new research uncovers more problems facing marginalized communities. Poverty, mental illness, domestic violence, and social isolation are just some of the concerns facing Americans today. Social activism is at an all-time low among young adults in the US, with only 11 percent volunteering monthly or more and less than half speaking out about activist causes they care about (Pew Research Center). Progress cannot come from a small subsection of society. Everyone needs to get involved if we want to solve these problems together. Here are four reasons why the United States needs more charity and activism on social issues:

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